Meaning for

Soul Pieces

All the different aspects of you that make up your identity, like your activities, characteristics, beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, ideas, inspirations, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes. Emotions or fears that have not been dealt with either in this life or in other lifetimes are coming back for you to deal with them head on. It is time to find meaning and purpose from past experiences. The need to feel whole again after having been scattered mentally in an area of your life. To avoid your inner fears, you may manifest a fully formed alternate personality that you now have to dismantle to allow the real you to be exposed to the world.

See Hologram, Body, Body Parts, Soul, Soulmate, Twin Flames, Integrate, Schizophrenia, Identity, Cut, Wound, Hurt, Break, Separation, Ripped, Experience, Luggage, Valuables.

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