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Spruce Tree

In folklore and traditions, the spruce has long been related to birth, life, coming back to life, resilience, strength, renewal, peace, protection, good luck, fertility, wisdom, and longevity.Spruce is the favoured Christmas tree for a reason, as it represents light and life after the darkest days of the year.  Healing Properties of the Spruce Tree: Native Americans have used the Spruce for many health benefits. Spruce needles are high in Vitamin C, for instance, and are used to relieve sore throats and cough, for instance. Spruce needles also carry important antioxidants that protect humans from disease. Therefore, spruce needles are often boiled to boost the immune system and for eye health. Spruce buds contain potassium and magnesium. Meditating with the Spruce Tree: Spending time with the spruce tree is just as important for the tree itself, as it is for us humans to spend time with it. The spruce tree craves human contact as much as humans crave nature. If you meditate with this tree, you will often receive messages regarding how to balance and purify the body. It can also show you areas of life that are needing healing. If you sleep near the tree or put parts of the tree near you while you sleep, you may receive healing guidance on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual, emotional. Spruce is particularly helpful for soothing emotions and calming one’s energy.

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