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You are being warned to not get tangled in arguments and to stand your ground. Set up boundaries with people that are overthinking. Keep in mind that the Knight’s Templar are great protectors, and they may also be nudging you, in their own way, to call on them for spiritual support. They can put their energy around you to protect and guide you. Archangel Michael may be giving you a nudge also, to call on him to protect a situation. Archangel Michael can cut any energy cords that may be attached to you, in an etheric sense, from loved ones, or others in general. If swords are crossed, then there will be a crossing of swords with someone, like an argument or a terrible disagreement. Have you cut energetic cords lately? Are you receiving a blessing from someone?

See Knife, Scepter, Healer, Protect, Archangel Michael, Boundaries, Mental, Mind, Cord Cutting, Energy, Energy Vampire, Clearing, Fight, Agreement, Blessing.

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