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Things that pop out at you in a sense to help you find meaning and purpose in the world around you. The act of looking for evidence or truth. A collection of meanings that you apply to thoughts, emotions, events, people, places, synchronicities, and events that occur in your life. One can categorize which aspect of life that symbols fall into, like mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical. Some examples of spiritual symbols could be as follows: the Om symbol, the lotus flower, the Buddha, the mandala, the chakras, or the phrase Namaste. Emotional symbols could be for example, hearts, a smiley face or a word like trust or joy, and so on.

See Alphabet, Colors, Roses, Numbers, Totem, Dream Interpretation, Dream, Animals, Power, Animals, Feather, Coin, Finding Money, Meditation, Truth, Text Messages, Imagination, Books, Poem.

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