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It is time to get to the root of life issues. Showing you how you feel about yourself in the outside world and how well you handle emotional situations or how well you make decisions. The entryway that enables you to break down nutrients for you to absorb into the body. Inner realities, ideas, and expressions. Identity, outer appearances, self-protection, or self-defence. How you are using your teeth indicates how well you assert yourself. Losing teeth in a dream could indicate money that is coming your way. The tooth fairy will leave you a little something under your pillow if you are lucky. Are you making good decisions in life? Are you taking control of your own life? Are you allowing others to run the show and just grinning and bearing it, whether you agree with the outcome or not? Is there something you need to verbalize or speak up about?

See Dentist, Decay, Braces, Toothpaste, Mouth, Toothbrush, Nurture, Vitamins, Absorb, Integrate, Talk, Conversations, Boundaries, Speech, Decisions, Negotiate, Protest, Listen, Lecture, Silent, Mute, Whistle.

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