Meaning for

Throat Chakra

I communicate. Talking, expressing, and inspiring. The center of self-expression and communication.

Your 5th Chakra is at your throat and is often called the Throat Chakra. Its color is BLUE. It is associated with the thyroid glands and is located at the base of the neck. Its function is communication. Communications can be understood verbally, physically and psychically. For those that are looking to connect with the higher plains, then it is important that all chakras are clear and aligned with this chakra. At this chakra, we envision the future, connect with other planes of existence, and speak our truth. Euphoria is connected to this chakra, as well as the higher heart. A clear 5th chakra enables you to talk, listen and connect. Neck pain, and mouth or jaw area problems are areas of concern at this chakra. The clearer this chakra is, the clearer we can get things across to others and so less chance of miscommunications. When this chakra is not clear then arguments may occur. So get to work cleaning up the communication center of your life, “Wax on, wax off!”

See Chakras, Swallow, Chew, Mouth, Saliva, Throat, Thirst, Thyroid.

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