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A muscular organ designed to help you taste, communicate, criticize others, to show emotions, show disgust, to sing, or to hold back. Most importantly you can use your tongue to manifest. Say what you want without spilling out your emotions onto others. Say it, do not spray it! Are you feeling powerless in a situation and holding back your feelings? Are you unsure of what to say, or shocked so much that you are tongue tied? Do you feel guilty for things you said or did not say? Is there someone you cannot stand and wish you could stick your tongue out at them to show them disapproval? Is there something you want to say, but cannot find the right words for what you feel? Is something at the ‘tip of your tongue’?

See Mouth, Saliva, Lick, Shock, Manifest, Matrix, Talk, Conversations, Power, Boundaries, Guilt, Forgive.

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