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Bringing ideas to fruition. The part of you that is ready to take initiative and resolve a problem head on. Items you use in life to fix situations when they need a little work. How organized are the tools? Are they misplaced, or mixed up with other stuff going on? This could be telling you something about your everyday life and if you are working enough, procrastinating, or just giving enough energy to your life so others do not complain. Do you need to ask for help, to bring in an expert with the right tools? Tools represent increasing the value of your work. They are helpers to get you towards your goal quicker. They allow you to create, to destroy, and to recreate things. For example, words are tools. Are your tools in life being wasted, taken care of, lost, or organized?

See Borrow, Lend, Mechanic, Hammer, Ax, Socket, Saw, Chain Saw, Socket, Organize, Fixing, Repair, Maintenance, Job, Responsibility, Fast, Garage, Trunk.

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