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Personal growth in large ways. A deep-rooted foundation and a connection with the underworld teachings through the roots. The upper world, middle world, and the underworld. The high branches represent reaching spiritual enlightenment. Physical and spiritual nourishment, fertility, transformation, liberation, and union between Mother Earth and Father Sky. Being aware of your inner strength that comes from tapping into source energy and to Mother Earth. Full Leaves– Growth, being in your power. A time of plenty. You are in the summer of your life. No Leaves– A resting period. A time without. You are in the winter of your life. Changing Leaves– Time to harvest and reap the rewards of the hard work you put into the year. Seeds that you planted in the spring have flourished. You are now entering the autumn of your life. New Leaves– Fresh new beginnings. You are now in the spring of your life. Plant your seeds wisely. Evergreens- Evergreens are often related to immortality and eternal life because they hold onto their leaves throughout the winter months.

How to meditate with Trees– Firstly, introduce yourself to the tree and then make an offering to it. Get the tree’s consent to work with it. You will feel a yes or you will hear it give its approval. Then touch the tree gently. You can work with it as a medicine to help with meditation through connecting to its smell, or by linking your emotions, senses, and psyche with the tree. Take time to listen to the tree. Each time you connect with a tree the results are different, so do not put expectations on what will happen. It is helpful to hug the tree and put your ear on the tree for a time. This will allow for a transference of energy, as well as showing the tree that you are willing to listen to what it has to say. Most trees have a spirit within it that will identify itself by a name that humans can relate with. This will make the experience more personable.

See Bud, Leaf, Roots, Strength, Power, Life, Forest, Branch, Leaf, Grounded, Transformation, Fruit, Nurture, Planting, Growing, Wilderness, Seasons, Fire, Wood, Lumber, Build.

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