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Being able to believe in someone who proves to you that they believe in themselves. Trust is a doorway to the higher self, as it comes from a place of balance, peace, and stillness. Feeling safe that you can live your life without always having to check in on things or on other people to see what they are up to. Trust is knowing yourself well. Knowing you can lean on yourself in times of need. Are you able to embrace the spontaneity of the moment because you trust what is next in life? Do you hold love as the background of your life and because of it, you feel safe? Are you able to let go or submit to life situations and set your anxieties, or fears aside? Do you have a strong belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of an individual? Is that individual you?

See Love, Respect, Honesty, Faith, Secret, Truth, Balance, Peace, Self, Future, Truth, Letting Go, Anxiety.

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