Meaning for

Twin Flames

A relationship that is an intense soul connection on a higher level of consciousness, and where the other person is like a replica of your soul. The soul gets split into two bodies and acts as a mirror to the other. Twin Flames are known for sharing the same chakra system, so when one feels fears, anxieties, pain, or insecurities, it affects the other twin. Love between them is quite a strong and intense feeling even for others that share space next to them. Even in death these souls remain undivided, they exist in two parts. When these two individuals meet each other, they feel complete, and balanced. If one is however not balanced before meeting the other the imbalance in the other twin happens until they can find common ground. Dreaming of your twin flame is usually a real visitation.

See Soulmate, Soul, Soul Pieces, Twins, Self, Yourself, Mirror, Transparent, Love, Balance, Grounded, Visitor, Surprise.

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