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Your body is made up of energy. You are a living, breathing energy field. As the body is made up of energy-producing particles that are always moving, you are creating energy or vibration, just like everything else in the universe. Your vibration shifts and changes depending on the situation you find yourself in. When you are around positive, then your vibration is happier and smoother. When you are around negative your vibration is lower and rigid. Earth rhythms can change your vibration. Shifts in electromagnetics from things like solar flares, change your cells, at any given time. Rhythms could have to do with something as simple as seasons changing. The moon also shifts your vibration. You may be able to get a sense of your vibration by how people or animals are reacting towards you. The temperature may make your vibration shift also. Are people drawn to you? Do you have a hard time making friends? Do animals love you? Do some animals get fierce and act strange around you by times? How do you feel after you eat candy? How do you feel after eating fruits or vegetables? Does eating chicken make you feel nervous or anxious afterwards? Do you feel aggressive when you eat beef? Getting triggered a lot is a sign of releasing stress hormones into your system.

See Aura, Energy, Humming, Subatomic Field, Shift, Transformation, Ascend, Descend, Dimensions, Memories, Positive, Negative, Seasons.

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