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The part of you that sometimes blames others, is not compassionate to yourself, does not always see the positive in life situations, and that needs to practice more gratitude. It may be important to find the source of your learned helplessness. You are a survivor. Check in with yourself to determine how balanced you are when it comes to your beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes. Take responsibility for your own choices in life. Have you been self-sabotaging? Do you need to forgive someone or something and let go? Do you lack self-confidence? Are you acting like a martyr?

See Hit, Beatings, Rage, Fight, Sabotage, Pain, Weak, Addiction, Relapse, Programs, Pattern, Rescue, Judgment, Slave, Psychology, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Resentment, Revenge, Anger, Rage, Bully, Curse, Blocked, Target, Surrender, Mental, Mind, Emotions, Power, Control, Gratitude, Positive, Martyr, Responsibility.

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