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A part of you that, on the outside, can be humble, well mannered, reserved, smiley, and have a clean and flawless appearance. You can also be independent, youthful, inventive, practical, kind, sympathetic, methodical, picky, stressed, tense, intense and uptight. Are you a quick thinker? Are you a good organizer? Do you need to be more grounded? Do you have a need to have others around you who are willing to share your deep love for life? Does your need for perfection cause havoc in your relationships? Are you a controller? Do you sometimes turn off your emotions, which feels cold to others? Gemstones for Virgo– blue sapphire or lapis lazuli. August 22- September 21 is an important time for shift and change.

See Zodiac, Seasons, Calendar, Horoscope, Astrology, Virgin, Flaw, Controller, Control.

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