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Walking forward is movement forward in important areas of life such as finance, health, relationships, attitudes, beliefs, and direction. Walking backward represents past experiences that are holding you back. A nature walk shows that you are connected to your organic self and approaching life unobscured. Things will continue in a pleasant way if you stay true to who you really are. If the area is thick brush or deep woods, then it is showing possible hardships to come. If you are changing direction, then it is showing a major turn to come in your life. If you are walking on a winding road, then it could be twists and turns in life. Is the way flat and straight, narrow, bumpy, filled with obstacles? Is it day or night? What are the surroundings that you see? Where do you stand in your present life? Are you walking forward with some purpose? Are you confident with the direction you are heading? Are you at the beginning of a journey or at the end? Are you reluctant to move forward or hesitant? Are you being warned to watch your step?

See Path, Sidewalk, Limp, Run, Left, Right, Direction, Moving, Shift, Sidewalk, Perspire, Treadmill, Gym, Track, View, Past, Fast, Slow, Nature, Feet, Legs, Back, Arms, Safe, Danger.

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