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A spiritual dimension of the self. Emotions that are constantly shifting and changing. Massive amounts of energy potential that is available to you. You just need to absorb it into you. Cleansing and clearing abilities. Change and the passage of time, birth, and death. Water is a massive force within you to be reckoned with. It can cause massive healing or destruction, or refreshment, hydration, sacredness, purification, and protection. The Water Spirit may be connecting with you and asking you to call on her for some much-needed healing. Are you desiring a deeper, more natural, or organic experience in your life? Are you going with the flow in life?

See Boat, Ship, Sailboat, Ocean, Shell, Emotions, Lake, Storm, Rain, Damage, Float, Drifting, Ascend, Descend, Submerge, Submarine, Self, Shift, Energy, Absorb, Integrate, Wash, Clean, Clearing, Healing, Nature, Complexion, Mirror, Clogged, Plumbing, Drain, Rescue, Glitter, Warm, Cold, Spill, Valve, Umbrella, Pagan, Air, Fire, Earth.

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