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The winds of change cool things off in the winter allowing you time to envelop yourself in a time of contemplation. Feeling dreary, cold, desolate, and even insensitive as nature itself is sleeping. This time of life feels a bit like a test, or a hardship that forces you to toughen up. It is vital during these long days and long periods to take time out to learn new things. Take time out to grow, to perfect your character, and to catch up on projects that got ignored in the warmer months. Intensity that seems frustrating by times, yet it proves to be soul-refreshing once spring comes. Once again, the heart will bloom with joy and excitement. The body will still need time to rest and rejuvenate in the beginning of spring, however, so remember to take it slow and ease your way into coming back to life. The spiritual cycles and the body’s cycles are two different things, though both are always revolving and being renewed at all intervals of time and existence. Seasons are all about balancing the positive and negative in your life.

See Seasons, White, Cold, Shift, Transformation, Snow, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Balance, Return.

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