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Welcome to the OpenUpWide community where you can build awareness with Kimspirational as she shares her knowledge to access the states of awareness where guidance, intuition, and ideas reside.


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Monthly Webinars

Watch as Kimspirational every month unravels the mysteries of the universe one subject at a time. You can also watch previous webinars that are available for one year.

Monthly Meditations

Tune in and fill your spirit with light. Every month you can access a new meditation and listen to all previous meditations.

Monthly Channeled Messages

Listen to what Kim’s guides have to share. Every month you can access a new Channeled Message and listen to all previous Channeled Messages.

Monthly 3 Card Readings

Follow Kim’s lead and she’ll help you get lost, so you can find yourself again. Every month you can access a new 3 Card Reading and watch all previous 3 Card Readings when ever it is needed. It may surprise you, how previous messages can speak to you today!

Monthly Passed Loved Ones Messages

Holding the balance between Heaven and Earth. Every month you can access a new Passed Loved Ones Messages and watch all previous one.

Oracle Cards

Choose cards from different Oracle Decks for personal and spiritual growth in the Essential Oracle Cards section.

(The Master Bonus Oracle Cards Section is not included in this level.)


Over 3000 spiritual and dream meanings, articles, videos and more.

Member Chat Room

Connect with other souls in this community.

Video Clips

Become aware of the pure source energy within you. Every month you can access a new momentous Video Clip that were captured from life changing live events. Watch all previous Video Clips.

Transformation Update

Every three months, at the equinox and solstice, when the vibrations are very high, we have a special message for you from Angels and Guides.

(Under the Special Events Section)

My Spiritual Diary

You can write your personal diary about what you have been learning. Log your growth and development.

VIP Pass for LIVE Group Reading 2/Year

The group readings are a way to get individual messages while in a supportive group setting.


All with the intention of empowering your essence, your centre, and your voice for these changing times.


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