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If our guardian angels are our protectors and the ones to keep us on track, then who are the Archangels and how can they help us? Think of the Archangels as being the professors of the sky. They play special roles that are unique to their specific degrees or healing modalities. Simply put, each Archangel holds a different specialty. Archangel Michael is a good example of that.

Angel therapy is a soft and gentle way to connect and to allow the beautiful process of healing to begin.

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Guardian Angels

Would you like to advance and progress your own personal and spiritual journey with the help of your Guardian Angels? Wherever you are in your journey, working with your guardian angels can be a beautiful and enlightening experience that will benefit you equally, whether you are totally new at the game of spirituality or if you are a seasoned veteran.

Allowing your guardian angels calming presence opens you up to developing a powerful and personal relationship with them that can prove to provide many answers that you may have had your entire life. This course will help you build a steady, yet confident awareness of when your angels are around, and what signs they leave you in order to follow their lead. It will also allow you the skills to be able to become more and more familiar with their particular way of communicating with you. Each guardian angel has a specific role to play with you. While one helps you establish your strengths in certain areas of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual words, the other plays a much different role.

Receiving your own Angelic guidance and messages can be very rewarding. These are other subjects that will be covered in this webinar and much more.

  • What does your Guardian Angel really look like?
  • How many do you have?
  • Are passed loved ones the same as guardian angels?
  • How do you become certain about how your Guardian Angel can help you?
  • How can you manifest with your Guardian Angel?
  • What colors do your Guardian Angel’s leave for you?
  • What numbers do your Guardian Angel’s leave for you?


Working with  Archangels

For example, Archangel Michael is known to be the protector, he helps us when we are experiencing technical or mechanical issues. If you need something fixed, he has the skills and the know how. Archangel Michael also plays the tough guy, when it comes to getting rid of lower vibrations, clearing etheric cords to people or cutting energy to those that are draining your energy. Anything from clearing your house to blocking your ego, he is your man. Talk about multitasking! Though this is a pretty long list of abilities on his resume, Archangel Michael is not the only Archangel we can call on for help. The list of amazing Archangels goes on and on.

Archangels are non-denominational celestial beings that are there for anyone who calls on them for help. There are ways to work with them to make your experience more effective and efficient.

This class will introduce several different Archangels and what exactly they can do to help you with your everyday needs. Learn about what colors each Archangel comes as, and what crystals go with which Archangel. I will share prayers and daily exercises to use with the Archangels. I will also share some of my own breathtaking experiences I had when meeting the Archangels. And more….



Archangel Michael

Work with Archangel Michael to cut through and let go of stubborn lower vibrational energies within your mind, body, and spirit. Learn to use this powerful angel’s power vacuum and white light activation device. You will also learn how to call on Archangel Michael’s purple flame of transformation and how to activate it for you and for your loved ones.



Archangel Metatron

You will not regret making connections with this wise being and patient teacher. Metatron works with the akashic records for a reason. He is the keeper of knowledge and can help you understand deep concepts about you, the lifetimes you lived and your role here in this lifetime. Metatron also helps you rewrite the script for your current life and helps you choose a new future that is right for you. Depending on your maturity level regarding your life lessons, and your willingness to live on a conscious level, he can adjust those lessons and shift them into positive and uplifting experiences. Find out how and what you need to do to free yourself from hard life lessons.



Archangel Raphael

Learn to collaborate with Archangel Raphael, the resident Angel of healing, by using his emerald-green light in diverse ways to get the most out of your day and life. Learn how to call upon this miracle workers team of spiritual doctors to do a psychic healing on you, body, mind, and soul. Get tips on how you can manifest healing for yourself and others. Like many of the other Archangels, Raphael wants you to know that he is always near, especially in times of recovery and recuperation. Find out how he manifests himself to you so that you never have to feel alone.



Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is a mission-oriented angel called the Lioness of the Archangels. Her focus is unshakable. She is an impressive Archangel to work with when what you are wanting to accomplish is in accordance with the Divine Will. She will help you take your dreams a step further and help you manifest what you truly desire. The best time to manifest is when we are in a good space and when we are open to the flow of universal love. Ariel can help you obtain and maintain that energy. We will integrate the spiritual and physical aspects of manifesting according to Ariel. Kim will share valuable techniques that you can use during this incarnation on Earth to do what it is that you are meant to do. Manifesting your desires can be fun and exciting, especially with Ariel by your side.



Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is a wonderful angel to call on for ideas and inspiration, especially when it comes to communications, particularly writing or projects. Find out how you can invoke this wise being to inspire you to take on projects that are dear to your heart and see them through to completion. Have a pen and paper ready.



Archangel Uriel

Uriel is the Archangel to call on to clearing the way and remove life obstacles. Learn how you can collaborate with Archangel Uriel to clear away toxic debris, and old emotional baggage from your mind and life. This is an excellent angel to call on to help raise your vibration when times are tough. Allow Uriel to shed the light on life situations that have left you feeling in the dark.



Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is often called the spring-cleaning angel for a reason. Learn all about this joy-filled bringer of light. Get to know her fresh, clean energy, as she helps you clear the way for a happy, joyful life. You will feel positive energy changes, and the loving presence of a wise inspirational friend when in Jophiel’s presence. Allow her to motivate you to get things done in your life and to make the changes you always wanted to make without hesitation. It is time to clear the clutter, to push your ego aside and start living.



Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel is an excellent angel to help you find balance in life situations that have gone wrong. Learn how to invoke this angel to help with debates, arguments and to settle disputes of all kinds. He is sometimes the least known angel and yet he is one of the most important to call on, especially if you are looking to stay calm during adversity. When you find out more about this Master of Balance, Archangel Raguel will more than likely become a household name.



Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is the expert in handling sensitivity and in balancing emotions. She is an excellent angel to help empaths and healers who sometimes take on other people’s energetic debris. Learn how Haniel can make your life easier and smoother. Find out how you can collaborate with her to balance your emotions within all life cycles that would otherwise make you feel unstable or unearthed.



Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is known as the angel of death. However, he reminds us often that he is the angel of new beginnings. He is an excellent angel to help you live in the NOW and to help you focus on what is most important in life. He is also the one that comforts the dying and those left behind to mourn and grieve. Find out how he can help you grieve the past and let go of old pent-up grievances that are holding you in the past or that are making you fear the future.



Archangel Jeremiel

Jerimiel is the angel of review. He not only helps your loved ones when they cross over to Heaven, he also helps you here on earth to review your life. Jerimiel is a wonderful angel to help you make the most out of life and to find meaning and purpose in tough life experiences. Kim will explain more about how to work with this Heavenly sent being of light.



Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is most known for his ability to help you find and connect with your soulmate and or twin flame. There is no better Archangel to call on to invoke love or loving feelings. He can also help heal relationships. Whether you are in a relationship already or looking for love, Chamuel will help heal and fill your heart with pure energy. He will also guide others around you to fill and heal theirs.



Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is an excellent angel to help improve your memory and to get your mind out of a fog. Whether it be remembering where you put an item or recalling the positive self-talk words needed to keep your vibration high, Zadkiel is there for you. You just need to call upon him for help. Are you missing something in your life? Are you studying and wanting to retain information? Are you looking to improve yourself? Learn how to tap into this soulful, humourous and peace-loving Archangel’s energy to spruce up your energy and improve your memory.



Archangel Sandalphon

Working with sound and music for healing is peaceful and thoughtful with Archangel Sandolphon. This gentle Archangel works with music and sound healing to soothe the soul. Kim will talk about ways to invoke Sandalphon by using sound healing and simple voice activated codes to bring calm and healing to you, body, mind and soul.



Archangel Raziel

Tap into your true spiritual gifts by learning to energetically collaborate with the keeper of secrets and the angel of mysteries, Archangel Raziel. Whether it is death or life, or goodness or evil, Raziel is the guru you want by your side to get you through this life or incarnation. Have you been praying for wisdom, understanding, truth? Kim will help you invoke this powerful wizard and call upon his ancient knowledge and invoke his words of purity and great wisdom via meditation. Raziel says it is time to rise up and be strong. Call on your divine birthright to have heaven’s wisdom come to and through you now. Get ready to download this powerful angel’s invocation of wisdom, wear his cloak of knowledge and receive a heavenly blessing.


All with the intention of empowering your essence, your center, and your voice for these changing times.

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