Psychic Empowerment Certificate Masterclass

Psychic ability is our birthright. As humans, we have been programmed by generations of unbelievers to shut down our natural abilities. It is time to allow ourselves to shine and believe in our own instincts again. The human mind is a fascinating tool, but it is thought to block and obstruct more than 90% of the information it receives daily. We now know that by re-establishing our capabilities, we have unlimited access to the information waiting for us to obtain it by opening a clairvoyant channel. Deja vu, dreams, emotional feelings and behaviors, telepathy… are examples that we have all already experienced and learned to ignore as part of our clairvoyant consciousness.


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Intuition Quick Start


Opening the Third Eye: It will help you re-establish what is already yours. You are a profound clairvoyant and a capable being who can navigate through life and make decisions that ultimately lead you to the perfect place and at the right time.


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The Clairaudience Tune Up: Clairaudience means to hear something that is not necessarily present to the ear and yet is being heard by an objective reality by the person with the power to hear it. Being able to hear through your clairaudience can accelerate your intuition.

In this seminar we will learn to acknowledge the signs of our natural ability to hear clairaudience and how to develop it further. We all have a natural ability, its just a matter of uncovering the veil. Learn how to better tune into the voices of the beyond.

Kim has been able to tap into her gift of clairaudience since she was a child. Join her as she shares tips and tricks as to how discern your own thoughts from that of spirits, angels or guides around you.


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All About Knowing: A lot of people with a Claircognizance  ability or (clear knowing) often say that they know something to be correct but are unable to back up their insights or details with fact or explain how they even came into that information. It can get rather confusing in a world that is looking for facts. How do you know if you are claircognizant? There are many ways that we experience clear knowing. For example, things that you know may just pop into your head that you know to be true, but you can’t explain why. This can be a very powerful gift if you know how to use it and learn to stop doubting yourself.

Clear knowing or Claircognizance is part of a gift system that we have all used or come across in our lives. It can come in the form of Dejavu, or a forboding sense of something being off and then later we find out that we were right, an accident may have happened or someone got hurt or someone was emotional and you just knew something was off. It can also come as predictions or premonitions, a feeling of irrefutable accuracy. Note that feeling is mentioned with it. We have many sensories that make up our intuitive abilities and everyone has the opportunity to tap into all of them. One just needs to know how.

Kim will share here understanding of this amazing intuitive ability and how you can tap into yours with ease. She will help you know how to sharpen your ability to have knowledge of certain places, events, situations, or people without having received the information in a traditional manner. Also she will help you understand the importance of combining your other abilities with you knowings so that you can receive intuitive messages with more ease and accuracy.


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Learning How to Intuitively Feel: What are examples of Clairsentience – Feeling? Well to name a few: Empathy, Psychometry, Intuitive feelings, reoccurring emotional and physical feelings that pop up without knowing where they come from, anxiousness, heat in the hands or sweaty palms, feeling someone’s energy… the list goes on and on. Clairsentience is a metaphysical sense that simply allows us a clear feeling and signifies Divine guidance. What else could you ask for right? Not everyone has this ability and for those that do have it, they often find it difficult to turn it off. There are reasons to keep this gift on and not have to shut it down. There are ways to alleviate the stresses that come from ‘over feeling’ and learn to find balance within the self so that the gift of feel becomes something exciting and fun instead of tedious and heavy.

Kim has been a clairsentient feeler her whole life and has come to love this gift as her main gateway for doing psychic and mediumship readings. Through this gift she is able to adapt into being able to use it as a baseline in order to see clairvoyantly successfully. She uses all four senses while doing readings. (Clear feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing) This course, like the other courses in the psychic development series is designed to merge all four gifts into one. Get your tool box ready. You will have lots of tips to discover is this seminar.


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Seeing from the Psychic Eye: What does clairvoyance mean to each individual? How does one know if they actually have such power or if it’s all just a coincidence? Is what you see actually real or all just in your head? Can someone really see the future? Clairvoyant practices are not limited to just predicting the future. Those who have the gift often claim to see the future (precognition) or to see the past (retrocognition). Some can even do remote-viewing, which is the perception of contemporary events happening outside the normal realism of perception. There is so much more to Clairvoyance to be understood. Perhaps if it was understood, then it wouldn’t be such a mystery and would rather be something considered normal.

  • Have you been receiving clairvoyant messages or are you wanting to develop them?
  • Do you get vivid dreams, or perhaps daydreams that seem unusually specific?
  • Do you often get unusual images, especially while meditating? Do you have a vivid imagination?
  • Do you get changes in vision?
  • Do you spot images of things in the corner of your eye?
  • Do things fade in and out? What about flashes of light?
  • Do you get strange feelings or vibrations coming from your “third eye” in or around the forehead?
  • Are you always imagining scenes in the future?
  • Do you often experience episodes of déjà vu?

These are some common ways that you can test your clairvoyant power. There are also many practices that can be done in order to sharpen this ability and to open it up if you are not yet experiencing these such types of abilities.

Kim is a born psychic/medium that has been teaching about psychic development for several years now. She helps students understand easy techniques in order to be able to open up their psychic gifts naturally as it is their birthright to do so.  This class will explain about clairvoyance and several different techniques and practices of how to open up your clairvoyant ability.

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Deciphering Signs and Symbols: The human consciousness works through symbolic language. Knowing this language helps us understand the world around us more deeply and improves our daily life on all levels. Knowing how to interpret signs helps speed up our human evolution. In long term, symbol deciphering gives rise to open minded people who know how to use that knowledge for a higher purpose. Being able to understand our world helps us live more consciously and to begin to unearth our programs and belief systems that have formed us.

This webinar will help you better understand the hidden signals that your guides, past loved ones and angels are sending you. You’ll learn how to interpret symbolism that is connected to your daily situations, as well as in your dreams and meditations.

Kim is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding when it comes to symbols and signs. Doing dream interpretation on the playground at 12 years of age, she was born with an innate ability to understand signs and symbols. She offers accessible tools, knowledge and keys designed to open the door to understanding your own symbolic language that makes up your daily life situations and experiences. By learning to be able to read these codes, you have the interactive map to your destiny.

What are the symbols that make up our world and why is it important we know about them? Find out…

WEEk 8

Decoding Messages in Your Dreams: Do you experience vivid dreams, reoccurring dreams or even psychic dreams? Understanding dreams is like having a key.

Everyone should still be able to find the answer to the questions “Who am I, where do I come from, where do I go and what is my mission?” Despite the remarkable advances in science and technology, the answer to this question is still wrapped in a veil that prevents us from knowing our true essence. The daily pace of life, the many family and work responsibilities do not allow us to delve into ourselves and into such issues. Often, we ask ourselves these questions only when a certain event brings us to a turning point and gives us difficult trials… Why? That we can return to our personal path and act in harmony with our soul. In this course you will travelthrough the world of spiritual guides, gain knowledge of the symbols and signs they send us from above.

Most often, signs and symbols come through our dreams, which are a window for discovering what is really happening in our real world. We are excited about dreams for a reason. Dreams contain mysterious answers to our own mastery of what we strive to do in life. To understand a dream is like having a key that contains one code that opens the door behind the secrets. In the workshop, we will talk about revealing the secrets of a dream plan, and we will discuss ways to facilitate the interpretation of dreams. Do you notice a living dream, a recurring dream or a horrible dream! We will get to know the signs and symbols we get throughout the day, but because of the influence of our surroundings, we cannot always read them.

Explore the mysteries of the dream world and of the mastermind behind them. In this webinar, you will learn about dream patterns, symbolism, and dream interpretation techniques.

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Protecting and Clearing Your Energy:

WEEk 10

Cord Cutting: If you’ve been on a spiritual path or you have worked with energy you may be familiar with cord cutting or clearing energy.  There are many ways of doing it and even if you are a connoisseur at doing it, there are always tips and tricks you can be learning to help yourself and others. Cord cutting and clearing negative energy from your home is a practice that can heal you physically, energetically and even free you karmically or spiritually. Clearing negative energy and or cords can help you change your relationships towards people, workplaces or the world around you in general. It helps mostly if you get to know how to do it yourself and do it on a regular basis.

  • What are etheric cords?
  • Symptoms?
  • Where do cords attach?
  • When is enough, enough?
  • Why do cords attach?
  • How do I find the cords attached to me?
  • How do I stop cords from reattaching?
  • Ways to cut cords?
  • Protection?

Cord cutting and clearing negative energy from your environment can help you feel lighter, cleaner and happier. Energy cords can attach to you from other people. Energy cords or negative energy can be sent to you by others and you don’t even know. There are ways to safeguard from this happening and ways to ensure that you live in a protective bubble without having to hide away from the rest of the world. Cords or negative energies can get heavy and begin to weigh you down. When we do not have a positive relationship towards others or vice versa, this could be a weakness in our energy field that allows for negative energy to come in. Forgiveness issues or attachment to past relationships can also cause us to be vulnerable to energy cords.

In this 3 hour seminar we will talk about the different cords that may attach to our energy field and why. We will learn techniques to cut the cords and to clear our energy. We will learn to build up our auric field and energy field so these cords do not keep attaching. Also we will discuss about house clearing exercises. This is a class where you will want to keep a paper and pen near by. There will be lots of notetaking opportunities.


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Working with Your Guides:

WEEk 12

How to do a Psychic Reading:

An oracle deck is a collection of cards that provide guidance and perspective regaurding our life experiences. An oracle reading allows for a less structured and more loose interpretive way to get answers to life’s most important questions. Consulting an oracle deck is one of the best ways to do an intuitive reading on yourself or someone else. This course is designed to give you some much needed pointers for getting started. As I have been doing readings for many years, it is always fun and exciting to teach the next upcoming readers and to help them do it in a respectful and proper way.
Here are some of the questions that you may have that will be covered in this class and more…
  • How do I choose a deck for me?
  • How do I keep that deck working tip-top?
  • Where do I store my deck of cards?
  • How many decks can I own?
  • How do I create a sacred space?
  • How do I shuffle, sort and interpret the cards that I pull?
  • What do jumper cards mean?
  • Is an App deck just as effective?
  • Can I ask more than one question to the deck?
  • Is there a method to understanding past, present, future? If so, what is it?
  • I have some abilities but I am scared, how can I trust my intuition and get over my fears?
  • Do I have enough of an ability to help others with my gifts?
  • Are there ways that I can know symbols easier?






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