Kim Doucette, known as Kimspirational

She is a Canadian with Native American roots who communicates with the unseen world and has contact with the spirits of deceased ancestors and angels. Her paternal grandmother was Native American and her father was a woodsman. She remembers that even as a child she saw immaterial beings, spirits and understood the language of animals, trees, and nature. She was raised Catholic and her mother and father worried about her visions. They took her to the priest who blessed her, but the more she prayed, the more she saw spirits, fairies, communicated with trees and animals. Her father then brought her to the Indian reservation and asked the elder what was wrong with her, and he replied that it was actually normal, that it was a gift.

Her childhood was quite difficult and traumatized.

It started at the age of one, when a horse nearly trampled her to death. He knocked her out of her mother’s arms and started trampling her. Her grandfather abused her and was violent towards her. She lived in a family where there was a lot of alcohol and violence. She was a quiet child and sometimes went months without speaking due to trauma. Because she did not speak, she was bullied and scolded a lot by the other children in primary school and then punished by the teachers. She exchanged an English school for a French school and had the possibility of a new, better life, but it quickly changed. She was sexually abused at the age of twelve. When she was 15, she drowned for the first time and was brought back by angels in exchange for helping other people. Later, she was repeatedly sexually abused and also sexually abused in a group.


She lived for five years in South Korea, where she researched Buddhism, lived with Muslims in Africa, and spent a year in Australia, where she got to know the aborigines and their culture.

Mission in Africa

Around the age of eight, she had a vision of Africa and told her mother that she was going to Africa to help children. Years later, she taught children in Uganda as an English teacher. There she had another accident on the river and drowned for the second time, but came back.

She later got married, her husband cheated on her and was also violent and even sexually harassed her several times, she lost her child during pregnancy. She mustered all her courage and left him and divorced. Life took her down a path where she was physically abused and even kidnapped several times. She often wanted to commit suicide, but something always happened to prevent her from doing so.

In Peru, she learned from seven shamans and received the title of shaman.


When she returned to Canada, to her home province, after ten years of travel, the Indian spirit became stronger and she returned to her aboriginal culture. She began to accept her gifts, which she had rejected for many years, and received much wisdom from a Mi’kmaq elder.

Now she uses her valuable experience and wisdom in her work with individuals in individual sessions: reading (conversation with spiritual guides), shamanic healing, partner counseling, past life regression,… she leads workshops and lectures. In her individual readings, Kim allows Angels and Souls to gently speak through her to convey messages and help you make decisions on your life’s journey. The lectures and workshop take you on the path to higher awareness. She became popular among people because she knew how to help them because of her experience, her gift and her kindness.

I came to this world to say “YES, YES, YES” to myself and to inspire the world. It’s time to stop asking others if what we’re doing is okay and do what we’re meant to do. Let’s follow our heart and intuition… let’s listen to nature and read the signs and symbols that are sent to us! Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from living our dreams. Living our dreams helps us overcome fear.

Many Blessings,  


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