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The group readings are a way to get individual messages while in a supportive group setting. Private readings can go much deeper. However, group readings allow for group harmonization and to get messages also by listening in to what messages are coming in from ‘Spirit’ for others in the group.

It is also a way to support one another if and when emotions arise. Kim allows spirits to come in their natural flow and uses different avenues to allow them to be able to communicate with the group.  As an example, spirits often speak directly.

However, some may be a bit more shy in a group setting so Kim may use Angel Cards or Animal Cards as means of symbolism to give the spirits a means of communication. She goes through signs and symbols that the spirits often communicate with, as well as other helpful techniques for clients to feel a sense of connection with the spirits, long after the group session.

What is a group reading and who is it for?

A group reading is for everyone who wants to work in harmony and for the benefit of the individual and the environment. A group reading is done by Kim giving out messages that are tied to individuals and these messages can be for others in the group at the same time.

What can you expect?

Expectations are most often our adversary and by having an expectation, we lose what is most important. You need to relax and let yourself be guided by guides who want to help you.

Can all participants expect messages?

With many people, it is impossible to convey a message to everyone. The advantage of a group reading is that the messages are personal and at the same time for all participants. It is necessary to listen to all the messages because we always get what we need and not what we want.

COST: $60/person

November 5th 2023


8am Los Angeles, California, US Time Zone

9am Calgary, AB, Canada Time Zone

11am New York/Toronto Eastern Time Zone

12pm Moncton Atlantic Time Zone

4pm London UK Time Zone

5pm Central European Time Zone

9:30pm India Time Zone

3am Australia Sydney Time Zone


3 hours


24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. After that we can’t give you a refund. If you miss your appointment, we can’t give you a refund or alternate sessions.

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