Law of Attraction

DESCRIPTION Master the Law of Attraction to manifest an amazing life including, better health, more money, and loving relationships, effortlessly. Create your own unique empowering affirmation and reprogram your mind for money making opportunities. Attract great, fulfilling people into your life and have more rewarding, feel-good relationships. Learn the main ingredient that will help you … Read more

Sensitivity and Anxiety

DESCRIPTION Being a sensitive person in this increasingly busy world is not an easy task. It can be lonely and overwhelming. However, being sensitive does not have to hold us back from being normal. In this class Kim will talk about sensitivity and how it is a gift. Also, she will discuss ways to be … Read more

Karma Sharing

DESCRIPTION Did you know that karma is a collective karmic memory shared between you and your family, your community, nation, and across humanity? Yet how you choose to experience your life is still determined by you. You are not ruled by karma, and you have the tools within you to change your karma and your … Read more

Soul Lessons

DESCRIPTION A soul’s journey is a continual process of evolving that never ends. Soul lessons are pre-planned life experiences needed for our soul advancement and to discover our inner light. Soul contracts are not always fun, but they do lead us to conscious awareness. Wisdom is gained as you steadily progress through the various levels … Read more

Let Go of Ego and Control

DESCRIPTION Are you looking for techniques to help you drop the ego and to surrender your need for control? Are you trying to align the world with your demands? Are you stuck wanting to control everything?  Are you wondering what part of you is actually ego and what isn’t? Are you always trying to control the … Read more

Our Purpose

DESCRIPTION Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What does life mean? These are questions most of us ask from time to time, feeling that we are part of something greater and left wondering what that is exactly. As we enter earth, we commit ourselves to a life purpose, a mission! Living in accordance with … Read more

Healing Trauma and Triggers

DESCRIPTION We’ve all been there. Someone said the wrong thing raised his or her voice and you felt shaky alarmed upset and overreacted. A door slammed shut, someone touched you unexpectedly and you fell apart for longer than you should have. Does this sound familiar? We have all had trauma in the past that sometimes … Read more

Astral Travel

DESCRIPTION Astral Travel, Remote Viewing and Out of Body Experiences can be a scary experience, but with simple techniques and a little practice, it can be not only enjoyable but rewarding and comforting. Kim learned Astral Travel at an early age. Being a born medium and having had her share of near-death experiences she has … Read more

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

DESCRIPTION The soul sometimes needs a little cleaning up to get motivated or to get moving in an area of life. Are you stuck in an area of life? Are you needing to freshen up your life? Are you lost and you can’t make decisions? Are you in serious need of life changes? Join Kim … Read more

Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

DESCRIPTION Assertive communication shows respect for others‘ needs, and is respectful, firm and without hidden intentions or agenda. Have others been listening to you and showing interest or concern and genuine compassion for what you have to say? Are you struggling with the above? Aggressive communication can be dealt with in a cool calm manner. … Read more

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