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The Zodiac. A part of you that can be oversensitive, emotionally tuned into other people, compassionate, affectionate, and nurturing. Other times you may be shy, temperamental, spiteful, and yet you sometimes fall in love easily. Devotion to the point of not wanting to let go to an unhealthy degree. Placing high value on home and hearth; friends, family, and home. Are you sometimes over sentimental? Do you sometimes hold on to people too much? Do you hold grudges for too long? Have you been accused of being over dramatic or complicated? Are you over possessive in relationships? Have you hurt others because of being too secretive? Are you loyal when you are committed to a relationship? Do you display an emotional intelligence that allows you to have a genuine understanding of human nature? Are you funny? Gemstones for Cancer– ruby or carnelian. June 22- July 21 may be an important time for personal shift or change. CancerThe Illness. Emotional decay, pent-up resentments, restrictions, hopelessness, fear, and anger. A warning that something that is not good is slowly growing into a disease. Something or someone is eating away at your power, well-being and or your happiness. This could be physical, mental, or emotional situations that may be showing no symptoms now, though if left untreated could cause havoc. Disappointments that are eating at you. Unspoken disappointments. Have you been holding stuff in? Is it time to speak up? Have you not been explaining yourself enough? Have you been harbouring resentment about others for not knowing your life situation?

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