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Something bigger than you is pulling at you to pay attention. It will lead you to new beginnings, to act, and to grow in some way. Mother Earth wants all her inhabitants to be abundant and to succeed. Perhaps you are thinking about your life as a whole right now or about your purpose for being on Earth. Earth is connected to feminine energies; being receptive, nurturing and sustaining for others. Earth is your temporary home that holds you like a big cosmic womb, cradling you while you exercise your free will and reconnecting you with your spirit. Earth school is helping you with all the aspects of you that make up your humanness: feelings, choices, strengths, weakness, and purposeful actions that have consequences, good or bad.

See World, Planets, Life, Female, Choice, Strength, Grounded, Life Purpose, Life Journey, Parallel Word, Space, Pagan, Fire, Air, Water.

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