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The centre of your field of consciousness which contains your awareness of your personal identity, and which holds several beliefs, ideas, patterns, programs, attitudes, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes which stem from and centre solely around the self. Your ego organizes and distributes these thoughts to its own advantage, especially if you are not tapped-in consciously to oversee yourself or your own mind. However, taking charge yourself can be an act from the ego if you are not tapped-in to your higher self. Your ego becomes inflated when you lack self-confidence. It can send you on a mental or emotional trip when it comes to your basic instincts, primal impulses, or unchecked urges. Being too humble is also an act of the ego. Call on Archangels Michael and Jophiel to protect you from your ego. Are you allowing yourself to be the confident you that you came to Earth to be? Are you holding yourself back in life? Are you allowing your heart to lead you or are you stuck in the head?

See Pedestal, Fake, False, Façade, Ugly, Lies, Inflate, Higher Self, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jophiel, Mask, Nothingness, Empty, Vacant, Hollow, Peace, Black, Black Energy, Shade, Shadow, Dark, Feeling, Hole, Barren, Separation, Soul Pieces.

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