Meaning for

Fire Fighter

An aspect of your own personality that is ready for action and has a desire to keep others safe. Being able to do the impossible in urgent situations. Selfless acts of kindness towards others. The importance of always teaching others to have a backup plan. Your higher self is helping you extinguish the fires in your life that are causing havoc. An aspect of you that is good at neutralizing or dousing other people’s mistakes, anger, or mismanaged situations. Water represents emotions. The amount of water being distributed shows the number of misguided emotions others have. Are your emotions being managed well? Is it time to eliminate negative patterns and programs from your life? Have you done a safety check recently in your home? Have you checked your fire alarms lately?

See Fireman, Fire, Smoke, Lungs, Water, Danger, Emotions, Emergency, Hot, Danger, Control, Anger, Fire Drill, Fire Engine, Fire Escape, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant, Firecracker.

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