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Being able to speak truth, to be free from fear or anxiety. Being able to be in the moment, or to be fully present and aware. Knowing yourself well. Knowing you can rely on yourself for pure answers. Honesty allows for spiritual growth and for your spiritual gifts to increase. Being open and free. Honesty is a direct reflection of your inner character and actions. Being honest means that you are free of the ego and free of what others think of you. Being able to live with integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness makes for an easy life. Are you connected to other individuals who are absent from lying, cheating, and theft, etc.? Are you one of these people? Are you a trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere person?

See Respect, Trust, Love, Mindfulness, Cheat, Friend, Best Friend, Family, Relationship, Betrayal, Diary, Freedom, Ego.

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