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Your higher self is going to an extreme to get your attention. Snuffing out distinctive parts of yourself or getting rid of your identity. Sabotaging or destroying parts of the self. Patterns, beliefs, programs, behaviours that lead to or that create victimhood. Note who is being killed, like a parent, child, stranger, male, female and so on. These are all aspects of the self that are either wise, foolish, aggressive, passive, complacent, emotional, or rational, etc. You are either draining yourself of life force energy or draining others. Others may also be draining you. You are the important character in this dream no matter who is playing what role, as you are everyone in disguise.

See Hunt, Knife, Shoot, Gun, Gunman, Murder, Identity, Serial Killer, Target, Victim, Blood, Bloody Hands, Shoot, Suicide, Depression.

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