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Displaying a natural ability for leadership. A part of you that can be very compassionate and big-hearted, conscious, aware, driven, and passionate. You may be very generous with your time, giving with your energy, and very respectful towards other’s needs or choices. You may respect the proper exchange of energy that comes with giving or receiving money. You may also have a natural sense of self-esteem, self-assurance, and self-love. Are you sometimes prone to being a little jealous or possessive? Have you been accused of being a bit egotistic or prideful? Do you sometimes feel impatient having to wait for things to happen? Do others sometimes see you as self-centred or as putting yourself first? Do you sometimes come across as being dominant? Do some people treat you a bit like royalty? Are you in the spotlight no matter if you try to be or not? Do you enjoy cultivating friendships and romances? Are you often artistically and creatively inspired? Gemstones for Leo– peridot or spinel. July 22- August 21 may be an important time for shift and change for you.

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