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Lips help you understand unspoken feelings or expressions from others. They also help you show affection, through kissing for example. The lips can also show built up tension, fear, anger, worry, sorrow, and all other emotions that you are experiencing on the inside. The upper lip is the male side, or the rational side. The lower lip is the female side or the emotional side. Are you acting too forward? Are you holding yourself back too much or being rigid with yourself? Are you expressing yourself fully to those around you? Do you sometimes chew or pierce your lips while you are judging others or trying to read others because you do not trust them? Are others judging you? Do you just need a hug and a kiss to know things will be ok?

See Male, Female, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Kiss, Hug, Embrace, French Kiss, Emotions, Feeling, Mental, Mind.

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