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Your higher self is bringing you back in time to heal something that you may not be conscious about in your waking world. Triggers in your daily life may be affected by memories. Some memories are brought back up to show something difficult that happened, so you can see how you have matured or healed since that event. Some memories show totally different people as a way of showing that you can run from the past, but the same types of characters show up in new form. This will continue to happen until you face your demons. Episodes from the past are ways of helping you know something about yourself, what you really feel and what you really want in your life. In what area of life do you need to grow? What are your recurring life lessons? What different areas of life do you need to integrate so that you can find balance in your life? Do you need to express something, forgive someone or ‘get something off your chest’? Do you need to come to terms with the health of your romantic relationship? Have you accepted the people, places, and things in your life for who they really are?

See Experience, Forgive, Soul, Karma, Akashic Records, Reincarnation, Past Life, Incarnate Preparation, Life Review, Integrate, History, Past, Future, Onion, Sadness, Happiness, Good, Bad, Photographs, School, Tattoo, Honour, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Celebrate, Wedding.

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