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Feeling stuck or trapped in your life circumstance. Escape, avoidance, resistance, a fear of moving forward on your own or fear of responsibilities. Feeling numb and without the ability to act. Being paralyzed and lacking in feeling, in one way, means that other senses open and become more prominent and active. Much like a deaf person sees more clearly, and a blind person hears better, a paralyzed person is more mentally sharp to make things move forward in their life. Where should you be in life? In what way are you holding yourself hostage in the body you have? Are you moving forward on your own or relying on others and being dependent on them? No matter what you do, are you feeling less than, or incapable or not advanced or developed enough in some area of your life?

See Surgery, Spine, Wheelchair, Disabled, Deformed, Spine, Blocked, Back, Trap, Hurdle, Boundaries, Freedom, Fear, Responsibility, Amputation, Handicap, Pain, Numb, Obstacle, Body, Forward, Backwards.

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