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The roles you play in life. Creating your own life and being the one to write the script and act it out on your own. Creativity, and the expression of your being. Putting on an act with others or being your true self while others pretend to be someone they are not. Having a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. Living carefree vs. seeking meaning in your life. The need for a spiritual experience to help you tap into the sacredness of who you truly are as a human being. Drawing from life to obtain a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness from the world around you. Relax, enjoy life a little, and have some much-needed fun. Connect with the inner child.

See Actor, Script, Movie, Stage, Applause, Self, Yourself, Park, Child, Children, Imagination, Roles, Athlete, Sports, Game, Laughter, Foreplay, Experience.

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