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You are your own central source of knowledge, so be sure to tune in to your intuition and your psychic abilities. Discover what the mystic within wants to share with you. You may receive messages in different ways; déjà vu, feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing, or smelling. Also, pay particular attention to dream symbols as this is your unconscious mind speaking to you. An aspect of your character that is wise and able to predict future events either through a psychic ability or by picking up on subtle hints in your life.

See Gifted, Strength, Oracle Cards, Tarot, Cup, Avatar, Guru, Guide, Mystic, Prophet, Crystal Ball, Automatic Writing, Yes, No, Intuition, Voices, Emotions, Wisdom, Questions, Answers, Quest, Life Journey, Life Purpose, False, Truth, Pendulum, Binary Responses, Freedom, Choice, Decisions, Indigo, Dimensions, Spirit, Self-Discovery.

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