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Growth and development by sticking to the right path. You are being shown an aspect of the truth or reality of the path you are on at this time. This is a time to look within, to get perspective and to get a bit of self-realization before you proceed to the next level of your life journey. If you are going straight or up hill, then life is going to be easy, and you are going in the right direction. If the road is bumpy, has too many turns or if you are going downhill, then you are going in the wrong direction and things in life will not go so easily. There may be pathways in life that you need to mend or care for before proceeding in a life situation. Adventure, various directions, choices, maps, intersections, blocks, and left or right turns. The places you go that act as transition points in the journey of life.

See Driving, Left, Right, Highway, Crossroads, U-turn, Journey, Gravel, Compass, Map, Travel, Moving, Shift, Choice, Freedom, Direction, Stop, Stop Sign.

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