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A part of you that hides who you really are from the rest of the world. Parts of you that feel that you lost yourself or even your identity along the way. Using a cop-out as an emergency response to not deal with the truth of something. The ability to use an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. You may be smart but feeling threatened and as a result, acting in a way that makes you look a bit nutty to others occasionally. With great psychic gifts sometimes comes episodes of delirium. Balance is needed, mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Do you sometimes distort reality or change how events really went in your mind? Is someone showing traits of control or denial? Is someone acting out and then going on in life like nothing ever happened? Does someone around you need a good clearing, perhaps from entities that are impressing upon them and causing them to be unbalanced?

See Soul Pieces, Responsibility, Mental, Mind, Mental Hospital, Self, Yourself, Identity, Control, Clearing, Balance, Straight Jacket, Intuition, Insane, Jekyll and Hyde, Psychic, Crazy.

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