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The unconscious self is revealing what you are protecting and or hiding from others. The surface part of you that holds everything inside. It is the makeup of your whole personality and could symbolize many things about your own personal awareness. The skin is an organ that allows you to feel. Skin acts as protection and a warning sign when something does not feel right. It also allows you to feel on a sensual level which connects you to a lover. Are you receiving enough love and attention? Are you in a relationship that only goes ‘skin deep’? Do you need to develop ‘thick skin’ with someone and to not let them get on your nerves or bother you?

See Scar, Flesh, Burn, Sun, Boil, Lesion, Scratch, Rash, Nude, Naked, Body, Flaw, Stitches, Face, Cut, Lump, Scab, Band-Aid, Infection, Hide, Protect, Animals, Leather, Birthmark, Spot, Pain, Numb, Sensual, Erotic, Hide, Secret, Sensual, Feeling.

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