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The places you go that act as transition points in the journey of life. Temporary identity. You have large potential to get things done if you stick to the right path. The enormous power within you for growth potential. If you are driving the vehicle yourself, then you are moving in the right direction. If you are not driving, then you may be allowing someone else to control your life and therefore you are going in the wrong direction. The color, shape, size and use of the vehicle is also important. Vehicles and their sizes represent power, potential and capabilities. Going uphill means things are looking up or you are going the right way, a kind of ascension. Going downhill is you going in the wrong direction and that things will not be easy; a kind of descension.

See Steer, Driving, Safety, Aboard, Mechanic, Car, Truck, Tractor, Plow, Bulldozer, Parking Lot, Rear View Mirror, Cruise Control, Fuel, Cruise, Self, Yourself, Wheelchair, Backwards, Reverse, Brake, Engine, GPS, Hobby, Ascend, Descend, Up, Down, Colors, Race, Rust, Speedometer, Stop Sign, Direction.

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