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Ancient wisdom, knowledge passed down, female empowerment, natural magic, crafting your own reality, etc. Your higher self is giving you a heads up that someone is playing tricks. Pay attention to another’s motives and be sure that they are sincere when it comes to you. Do not let anyone control you in any way. Be in control of your own life. Is someone using their power against someone? Are you feeling like you are under someone’s spell?

See Witchcraft, Magic, Spell, Curse, Hex, Wizard, Energy, Aura, Vibration, Smudge, House Clearing, Blackness, Black, Blackmagic, Black Energy, Energy Vampire, Yin, Execution, Mean, Ogre, Attack, Spit, Anger, Jealous, Bully, Blocked, Control, Controller, Victim, Boundaries, Freedom, Resentment, Choice, Intruder, Rage, Sabotage, Wart, Ugly.

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