Kim Doucette, known as Kimspirational, is a Canadian with Native American roots who communicates with the unseen world and has contact with the spirits of deceased ancestors, angels, fairies, and animal guides.

She was a quiet child due to trauma and sometimes went months without speaking. She was bullied and picked on a lot by the other children in primary school and then punished by the teachers. Life changed dramatically for her, once she learned to see her weaknesses as strengths. That is when she decided to travel the world to truly find herself. 

She lived and taught English for five years in South Korea, where she was also able to research Buddhism. She spent a year in Australia, where she got to know the aborigines and their culture. She was a volunteer teacher in Africa where she lived amongst Muslims. She studied Angel Therapy in Hawaii. In Peru, she learned from seven different shamans and received the title of shaman and sound healer.

When she returned to Canada to her home province, after ten years of travel, the Native spirit calling became stronger and she discovered her aboriginal ancestry and culture. She began to accept her spiritual gifts, which she had rejected for many years. She received a lot of wisdom from a Mi’kmaq Elder.

Despite her beginnings, she became known quickly for her innate ability and became popular among people because she knew how to help them because of her experiences, her gift, and her kindness.

Now she uses her valuable experience and wisdom in her work with individuals in individual sessions: readings (conversations with Angels and spirit guides), shamanic healings, partner counseling, past life regressions… and she leads workshops and lectures. In her individual readings, Kim allows Angels and Souls to gently speak through her to convey messages and help others make decisions about their own life’s journey. She is the founder of the Open Up Wide program and is an author as well.

Kim’s lectures and workshops take you on the path to higher awareness. For the past 20 years, she has been working intimately with thousands of individuals, helping them transform their lives, to reach for the stars, and open up ‘wide’ to new states of AWARENESS.

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