Kim Biography

Kimberley A. Doucette was born in St. John, NB, Canada, in 1974 and grew up in Miramichi, NB. A sensitive child, she endured a lot of hardships and bullying in school. Despite her beginnings, she became known quickly for her innate ability to understand symbolism, even doing dream interpretation on the playground from the age of twelve. She went on to graduate from St. Thomas University in 1997 with a B.A., Honours, in English Literature. She lived and worked in South Korea as an English teacher for four-plus years. She visited many Buddhist temples where she learned to meditate and quiet her mind. She backpacked extensively through several Asian countries. Kim lived in a tent in Australia for a year, working at farms. She connected profoundly to the land, the ways of the Aborigines, and to the animals; and, of course, the Outback. After settling in Alberta, Canada, she travelled to Uganda, Africa, where she taught orphans to read, first raising money for a Ugandan school and supplying them with beds, mattresses, desks, benches, mosquito nets, medicines, clothing, books, a new kitchen, and part of a new schoolroom.

After a stint in Brazil, and having relocated to Moncton, NB, Kim knew that it was time to put her extensive knowledge and life experiences to work. She went to Hawaii and got her Angel Therapy Practitioner Certificate and opened up business back home as a psychic medium. She specialized in helping people understand personal growth and recognizing patterns and programs in their life, as well as grief counselling.

Upon discovering her Native lineage, Kim learned the ways of her Miqmaq ancestors; going to weekly sweats for years, doing sacred fasts, working with a Native Elder and humbling herself to all of creation. She also took time out to embark on an adventure in Peru where she worked with several shamans, learning ancient techniques that she now uses in her shamanic healings, sound healings, and mediumship readings today. Kim now resides in Europe with her Slovenian husband and two stepchildren, doing online sessions, webinars, and courses. She still enjoys travelling and won’t pass up an adventure.

“Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from living our dream. Living our dream helps make fear unknown.”

Gorazd Biography

Looking back at my childhood now, I see how sensitive I was, only I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t have any major problems at school, just reading, learning English as a second language and performances were a big headache for me. Sometimes I even got a fever when speaking due to nervousness and feeling inferior. The teachers didn’t see this as a problem and did not offer me help. I had to break through my own traumas on my own. Now I know that I felt the people around me, and I just wasn’t aware of it. I took on their pain and emotions, which I later learned was an empathic ability. I thought that everything that happened to me was mine. From the age of twenty, I had major health problems. Pain was everywhere, moving from the arms to the legs, then to the hips and spine, and so on. I remember when my doctor told me, “If it goes on like this, you’ll be crippled in your thirties.” This shocked me greatly and somehow marked me. I told myself that I had to hurry up if I wanted to create something in my life, because I would be crippled soon. Later, I received local injections or blockades so that I could move my arms and live “normally”.

I left college and started working as a carpenter at various companies here in Slovenia. At 23, I opened my own carpentry shop. I worked successfully and didn’t understand how I knew all the customers questions or how to respond even before they asked me. I remember wishing to create so much money by my 30th birthday that I would have enough for myself and to be able to help society. The years passed successfully, and life happened; a wedding, children, I built my own apartment building and then I celebrated my 30th birthday in that facility, which I then rented out. I forgot all about my wish and just continued to work in a material rhythm… until the big KAPOW came!

2012 was a year of awakening for me. I remember when I read the book “The Secret” and started thinking “your wish is my command.” The universe was trying to tell me that everything you think can or will happen to you… Nonsense, I thought. That summer, my thinking changed, as my slightest thoughts came true and right away! There were many of those moments, but one of them was strong and memorable. My friend and I agreed on an unimportant topic and then made a bet on it. I was so sure of myself that I said, “damn, I will put my hands in this fire if it won’t go my way…” What was I thinking? Not two hours later I not only lost the bet, I also burned both hands on the barbeque while preparing lunch. There wasn’t a hair left on my hands! Was it all just a coincidence or was it all part of the divine plan to start waking me up?

After that event, I knew I had to close my business… that’s what I felt to do at the time, without knowing why… I didn’t know what I was going to do next, I just trusted… and waited. A voice spoke to me, “If you want something to change, you have to close the old doors in life and then new ones will open!!” So, I closed my business, opened Center Astera with a friend, though at first, I didn’t know what to do with it. That summer was coming to an end. That’s when I told a friend I’d finish my customers ’orders in the carpentry business and do what I must do, then I’d take two months off that winter, to just lie down on the couch and see what life had in store for me. Three days after Christmas the big KAPOW came! I was playing basketball and suddenly, I was down and out with a broken Achilles tendon. In that second, I heard once again, “Your wish is my command.” I rested for two months in a cast on the couch.

I now had the time to sit and take my life seriously. I stopped drinking alcohol and started eating healthier. Eventually, I remembered my old dreams of helping others. I knew that I had more than enough for myself and so I began to help families and individuals in need. I floated around Slovenia for four years helping as much as I could. Friends came to my aid and chipped in to help families for four years after a major flood devastated areas of Slovenia. I organized camps for single children and mothers, made Furniture of Hope and donated it to those in need. I collected bottle caps for charity all over Slovenia, helped with other organizations, baked bread for the homeless, participated in the TV show “My Room”, where I built and donated 12 rooms with friends… and I co-organized other charity events…

After four years of this free-flowing operation, I was still following where life was taking me… but somehow my ego began to interfere. With it came the expectation that something would happen, that something could change… something big… and then, nothing! I felt lost. I became restless and slowly fell back into the old routine of life. Life, marriage, goals, it was all listless and empty. I gave up on myself and on the fact that there was something more to life. I decided there was nothing more waiting for me in life. And yet I hoped that all these years and efforts were not in vain. When I gave up and totally surrendered, that was the day that my life changed forever…

I met Kim. In the depths of my soul, I knew right away that I knew her from somewhere, other lives, other universes; it was an instant connection. We were friends at first, as we each had our own lives and we lived thousands of miles apart. My instinct, my thoughts, my energy reawakened, and I knew I had to follow through, even though I didn’t know how or what that would look like. I just knew that life had to change drastically, and I had one more big decision to make. Divorce wasn’t easy, but I got to see quickly who my friends really were. Crisis shows a lot about people. The ones that stood by your side, I know are true.

During a visit to Canada, I met a Native Elder, who helped me realize that I must always be honest with myself and only then I would find inner peace. Native spirituality is so simple. We Europeans could learn a lot from their teachings. The Natives accepted me among them. I embraced their culture and spirituality and began to connect with my ancestors. I made a vow and gave medicines to the sacred fire to live without alcohol and drugs for life. The elder then gave me an Indian name, which I accepted with great honor. I understood that I did have a mission to help people, just in a different way than I had imagined in the past.

My biggest fears in life, public speaking, and English, have become part of my life purpose. I now translate publicly from English to Slovenian in lectures, in individual sessions, and I teach workshops along side Kim. We have now established the openupwide.com community and that is bringing me, us, everyone to a whole other level. Where life will take me next, only my higher self knows. What I do know is that my thoughts are more intentional now because I know that the universe is always listening. Now I accept my ability to manifest. I speak and the universe says, “Your wish is my command.”

Many Blessings,  

Kim & Gorazd

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