Golden Cages: Illusion of Freedom

At once humorously serious, “Golden Cages- Illusion of Freedom”, is a moral story about some of the most important life lessons. It is a story of the unconditional love between a man and his mentor and how that love helped him grow and flourish despite the struggles presented by his estranged relationships, life patterns and programmed principles.

During a routine trip to the grocery store Ryan is taken aback when an old friend, Andrew, challenges him to make radical life changes. Ryan finds himself confronted with the fraught and terrifying depths of his unconscious mind and ego. Sharp and assured, his new teacher Francis, soon to be friend, hits him with a compelling honesty that flips his world upside-down.

Francis keeps throwing challenges at Ryan left, right, and centre. Ryan questions if Francis even knows what he is doing. Sometimes it honestly feels like he has gone too far. The concepts he throws out are just too much. Ultimately Ryan triumphs, even though he is on a journey of what feels like a thousand chances and confrontations alike. There are many possibilities for the future. No matter how many of them there are, there’s still just one gut-wrenching, unchangeable past.

Allegiances are broken, choices are made, and Ryan has no alternative than to pick between the two women he loves. His mother, Maria, ridiculously refuses to give up control. His wife, Clara, has surrendered under duress. Which wolf Ryan feeds will determine the outcome. Either way there are consequences and a destructive aftermath to deal with. Ryan gathers his courage and makes his move, knowing full well that he could lose it all in the process.

Ryan sticks with the counselling, despite his constant instinct to flee. He learns to let go of the heavy influences that shaped his current dysfunctional reality. The ghosts of the past come out to haunt him. This leads him to learn more about the family’s past and its generational traumas which undoubtedly have been inherited and are now being past down to his own children.

Francis has not divulged much information about himself, which unnerved Ryan from the start. He claimed to be an Indigenous American elder but doesn’t look much like one. Ryan is stunned and embarrassed about how he treated Francis in the beginning. Especially when Francis finally unveils the truth behind his childhood and how he became who he is today. Francis’ unorthodox methods and customs all make sense in the end.

Being flipped upside down proved to be what he needed after all. Ryan realizes that his whole life was one big lie. He is finished with hiding the truth about himself from other people. Francis teaches him how to show what his feelings truly are, while learning to man up at the same time. With his newfound skill of normalising difficult emotional experiences, Ryan finally understands the sanctity of the word honour. He makes a new plan with Andrew to help others. He has a new pattern and program to live by now and a different story to tell.

A tale about an ordinary man- an orphan! -an extraordinary can of Coke. This novel of stability vs. vulnerability is an absolute knockout– sure to render its reader conscious!

Follow my lead and I’ll help you get lost.”

– Kimberley A. Doucette –





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Maureen St.Onge: Congratulations Kim for writing such a beautiful novel. I loved reading how Ryan was able to fast track his spiritual journey, I chose the ten year plan. Being a student of Kim’s I was impressed that her teachings were so well conveyed through Francis’ character, although I never saw her tough love side. Francis’ character gives the reader an understanding of all of the concepts a student of enlightenment will go through as they progress through the “grades” including the significance of dreams, signs, symbols, ego, chakras and the aura to name only a few.

I also love how so many important topics like rape, suicide, residential schools, forgiveness and judgement and even electromagnetic waves are discussed and how they impact the “Human” condition and the soul’s journey. This book is a must read for anyone who would like to understand the spiritual journey so many humans are currently on or are likely awakening to.


Nancy Parker: This book may seem to be just like any other story, but take a closer look. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Being an avid reader myself, I hope to find connection to the story and to its characters. I want to be transported and to go on a journey with them, to be surprised and engaged. I find that most stories have the potential to do so, but fall short and generic at best, I end up wishing that they had gone deeper, but Golden Cages isn’t superficial and will not disappoint. On the contrary, I could relate and see real living people trying to follow a set of unspoken life rules. This book evokes what our Society’s expectations sets us up to think of as Success… Teaching us that searching for Happiness is fleeting at best by trying to keep up appearances that leave us feeling detached, unconsciously wishing to go beyond the surface, while craving for connection and feeling, all the while afraid of going further, so as not to disturb a fragile existence… This is where the story begins.

This first time author has mindfully crafted a journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and deep healing within its pages that relates to a wide range of readers. I highly recommend this book and hope that you love it as much as I have.


Anne-Marie Austin: This is a wonderful, warm,  moving book, full of ideas and insights to deepen your reflections and raise you to new heights of self understanding and self awareness.  I am sure that thousands of people’s lives will be changed. I know it has made many light bulbs come on for me. Kimberley A. Doucette is a unique uplifter of humanity- an angel sent here on special assignment.  Thank you, God, for her!




A young man is about to embark on a psychological roller coaster ride.

Life was normal: chaotic, listless, routine, and unchanging. Sound familiar? Well, it was about to change. Ryan runs into an old friend at the supermarket, who tells him about an unusual therapist named Francis. Once Ryan agrees to see Francis, life as he knows it is changed forever.

Francis asks questions and expects answers. At first, Ryan is not sure he will continue; but somehow he keeps going back. He begins to observe symbols sent to him “by the universe” and, amazed, begins to understand them! “Follow my lead,” says Francis, “and I’ll help you get lost.”


Format 6″x 9″ / 252 pages

ISBN: 978-1-77257-309-1 (PB)

Publisher: Self-publisher


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