Passed Loved Ones Oracle Cards


Just like the living, deceased loved ones have lots to say. They worry about you just as much as you do them. They have all kinds of things they would love to share; what they’ve learned on the other side, what they’d change in life and what they think about your current life circumstances.

They send all kinds of signs for you to discover and are constantly seeking ways to reach out to you. Sometimes life gets in the way and their Heavenly gestures get missed. When you do catch them, there are certain signs that you may resonate with more than others. Sometimes you may get too many signs and feel confused. There are ways to narrow it down.

These cards are designed to make understanding signs from deceased loved ones easier. They can help you focus on healing, while sharpening your skills at seeing signs and symbols around you.

These cards may give you a baseline to develop further communication with your passed loved ones. You may want to choose a daily card and take your time to contemplate on what your passed loved ones want to say. As guides, deceased loved ones will take you as far or as deep as you want to go. Ready to begin? Just choose a card, read it through, then close your eyes and allow further messages to come into your awareness.


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