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I’m Kimberley Doucette – otherwise known as Kimspirational.

I’m a born psychic medium. I specialize in helping people understand personal and spiritual growth, recognizing patterns and programs in their lives, and in grief counseling.

Upon discovering my Native lineage, I learned the ways of my Mi’kmaq ancestors; going to weekly sweats for years, doing sacred fasts, working with a Native Elder and humbling myself to all of creation.

I also took time out to embark on an adventure in Peru, where I worked with several shamans, learning ancient techniques that I now use in my shamanic healings, sound healings, and mediumship readings today.

I now reside in Europe with my Slovenian husband and two stepchildren, doing online sessions, webinars, and courses…

I create this program to help you develop your psychic abilities and mediumship.

With my help you will achieved the goal and in the end you will get a certificate.

“Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from living our dream. Living our dream helps make fear unknown.”

You are also welcome to join me in Open Up Wide program.

Open Up Wide is a powerful platform which is designed to help you unlock your FULL POTENTIAL and achieve your dreams.

A small percentage of the videos that are in this app will be featured on there as well.

It is the perfect tool for anyone looking to empower themselves and discover their LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.

My goal is to help HEAL generational trauma, help build BALANCE, and give you a roadmap to ask and discover “WHO AM I?”

You will receive TEACHINGS that will empower you and give you FULFILLMENT in your daily life.

Embrace your power and unleash your full potential with Open Up Wide.

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