Balance Between Extremes


Are you an empath that seems to get thrown around like a rag doll when it comes to emotions and handling the emotions of the world? Up, down, and all around – this seems to be how some people feel in the run of a day or even within an hour. With an ever-shifting world, how do we handle our gift of “Feel” without losing our bearings and our minds at the same time? Want to know how to handle the “gift” of feel without losing you? If so, this course is for you. 

  1. Do you feel like you’ve lost your bearings and do not know what you want to do in your life? 
  2. Are you looking for ways to stabilize your gift of feel? 
  3. What is the difference between basic human emotion and empathy? 
  4. Is it a gift or a curse? 
  5. Do empaths make good oracle card readers? 
  6. Why is feel a gift? Why or how do empaths feel others feelings without their telling them verbally what they are thinking and feeling? What filter are they missing? Or are others just lacking in some area? Like empathy or compassion? 
  7. Why or how does this disrupt an empaths life so drastically?  
  8. Why is it that some empaths pick up non-visual, non-verbal cues that another individual feels and others feel pain, fear, or joy? 
  9. Can empaths detect energy fields or auras? 
  10. What is the reason why some have this gift, and some do not? 
  11. Is there a way of calling in support from former empathic individuals that are now in spirit? Is that wise? 
  12. What is the lightworkers circle and how can it help you as an empath? 
  13. Do you sometimes have a hard time finding balance between extreme emotions that seem to feel out of control? 
  14. Should feelings be shut off? 
  15. Do you need tips in how to shield your energy and still be open to your natural ability to sense the feelings and emotions of others? 
  16.  What are some warning signs that empaths can look for before they find themselves feeling drained and exhausted from absorbing the energies of others? 
  17. What are some natural ways you can clean or clear your energy field? 
  18. When having trouble coping, what are some ways to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries?  
  19. Why is nature an empath’s biggest healer? 

If you have any questions during the webinar, please write them down and ask at the end of the live webinar, during the Q&A.


February 26th 2023


9am Los Angeles, California, US Time Zone

10am Calgary, AB, Canada Time Zone

12pm New York/Toronto Eastern Time Zone

1pm Moncton Atlantic Time Zone

5pm London UK Time Zone

6pm Central European Time Zone

10:30pm India Time Zone

4am Australia Sydney Time Zone


ZOOM online live event


1-2 hours + Q&A

DURATION: 1 hours and 40 minutes

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Rated 5 out of 5

Very informative afternoon. Thank you so much!

Verna Goguen


Rated 5 out of 5

I really enjoyed it and would definitely join one of Kim’s classes again.

Karen Theriault

Every class I take I learn something new!

Rated 5 out of 5

Kim and her team work so well together to create a new experience wonderful whether you have some knowledge in the specific field or not you always learn something new. I love it so much.

Sherri-Ann White
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