Dis-Ease, What is the Body Telling You?

When disease was first used historically, it literally meant “uncomfortable or not at ease,” rather than how it is used today, which refers to sickness or problems with how the body functions. When we look at it from a holistic approach, dis-ease simple means that something needs to be restored to help your body become normal again. This can be done through our intuition.

Our bodies are often the first place where we feel our intuition, and so it is important that we get in touch with our bodies, and that we listen to our emotions and follow our gut instincts. The body is the biggest psychic tool you have in being able to tune in. Your emotions, for example, often tell you what it needs to get well and to stay strong and fit.

You don’t have to wait until the big signs come, like headaches, vomiting, fever, seizures, confusion, or extreme irritability before you catch on to the fact that your body is speaking to you. Learn to be your own first responder.

  • How can I restore my body to its optimum health?
  • How can I learn to trust my intuition or emotions that relate to my body?
  • What are the meanings behind some ailments?
  • How can I give power to my focus instead of to my medical conditions?


DURATION: 1 hours and 53 minutes with meditation Self-Healing

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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