Sacred Love

Explore the ancient wisdom of male and female balance. Find out how to master sacred love within the self and how to share it with another. A balanced personal energy can heal the body and stabilize emotions. Balancing with another helps you access a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Are you also wondering about the Kundalini energy and awakenings? Learn about the kundalini’s potential energy that rests at the base of the spinal cord and how to open it safely. And no, it’s not all about sex.
Learn why the chakras must all be aligned and opened for it to be active. When awakened, the kundalini travels up the chakras, like a snake, to merge with pure consciousness. Sacred love then is the bridge that aligns the consciousness with the divine aspects of the self. The highway is the kundalini.
DURATION: 1 hour and 45 minutes + Sacred Love for Couples Meditation
FORMAT: Video + MP3


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