Freedom From, Freedom To

True freedom is when we break away from societies teachings and let go of taught codependencies and become our own interdependent person. We spend a portion of our life widening our road by taking on a variety of personalities, titles, and beliefs that seemed right at the time but that bog us down walking forward. There comes a time in our lives when that road becomes too much to handle and our past gets too much to carry. We begin to weed out what does not serve us anymore; people, places and things etc.

We somehow muster up the courage to narrow our road, letting go of the familiar and preparing for the new. Narrowing our road can be intimidating and lonely. It takes time getting used to and swallowing the fact that you lived a lie your whole life. Finding balance in the now can feel wounding, especially now that we have become more aware and more sensitive. Inner interferences are often missed and become the hardest things to heal.

Let’s take a peek inside and discover what is driving you forward. It’s time to free yourself and set yourself up properly to take advantage of those opportunities that are awaiting you. In this course Kim will talk about the journey and how to find that balance.  

    • What is freedom?
    • What is free will?
    • Do I even need freedom?
    • What do I need freedom to do?
    • What do I need freedom from?
    • What is our inner autopilot and where does it come from? What can I do about it?
    • What are the different roles I play?
    • How do the roles I play in this life repeat past problems, past entrapments from my past lives?
    • Am I here in this life releasing built-up karma that I accumulated through releasing the roles I play?
    • Am I releasing built-up karma from this life? How do I know if it is from this life or past lives?
    • How does freeing me allow others their freedom?
    • Why does control have to do with freedom?
    • Am I a controller?
    • Have others been controlling me?
    • If I change, doesn’t that force others into change? And isn’t that a kind of control?
    • How do I know if what I know is truth or a lie?
    • What part of my past is usable?
    • If I let go of people places and things, does this mean I am losing myself?
    • How do I get past the anger I feel about those that mislead me in life?
    • What does it mean to narrow the road?
    • Why would I give up all that is familiar? What parts of me do I keep? How do I know what parts of me are healthy and what parts are not?
    • How do I prepare for the new if I don’t yet know what that looks like?
    • How do I get past feelings of despair and or loneliness? Is this a sign of something? If so what?
    • What role am I supposed to play now?


DURATION: 1 hours and 03 minutes + Prayer To Break Vows

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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