The Aura

This is a fascinating subject that cannot be explored enough. The aura is a halo or field of luminous radiation which surrounds living things. The colours surrounding an individual helps us determine many things about them, such as their state of being or possibly what people are good at.

Many advanced spiritual people such as Buddha or Jesus or even the angels have been known to have a halo over their head. This showed that the vibration of these individuals was transcendent and therefore they could heal others by their mere presence alone.

Our auras are constantly changing and yet they hold a base colour that we can associate with certain emotions or elements of our personality. We can understand where an individual is at in their state of well-being by noting the colouration of their aura, for instance. There is so much to explore in this subject.  


  • How do I know what my aura is?
  • What do I need to know about auras?
  • What is the power of auras?
  • What is special about the aura?
  • What are ways I can practice looking at auras?
  • What are the meanings behind the colours I see in people’s auras?


    DURATION: 2 hours and 12 minutes 

    FORMAT: Video + MP3 +PDF


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