Guardian Angels + Meditation

Would you like to advance and progress your own personal and spiritual journey with the help of your Guardian Angels? Wherever you are in your journey, working with your guardian angels can be a beautiful and enlightening experience that will benefit you equally, whether you are totally new at the game of spirituality or if you are a seasoned veteran.

Allowing your guardian angels calming presence opens you up to developing a powerful and personal relationship with them that can prove to provide many answers that you may have had your entire life. This course will help you build a steady, yet confident awareness of when your angels are around, and what signs they leave you in order to follow their lead. It will also allow you the skills to be able to become more and more familiar with their particular way of communicating with you. Each guardian angel has a specific role to play with you. While one helps you establish your strengths in certain areas of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual words, the other plays a much different role.

Receiving your own Angelic guidance and messages can be very rewarding. These are other subjects that will be covered in this webinar and much more.

  • What does your Guardian Angel really look like?
  • How many do you have?
  • Are passed loved ones the same as guardian angels?
  • How do you become certain about how your Guardian Angel can help you?
  • How can you manifest with your Guardian Angel?
  • What colors do your Guardian Angel’s leave for you?
  • What numbers do your Guardian Angel’s leave for you?

DURATION: 2 hours 16 minutes consists of two parts and meditation.

FORMAT:  Video + MP3 (meditation)

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